Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Academic Writing : Becoming a Member of the Community

A wedding ceremony shows new liability for people to shoulder. Wedding doesn’t mean a burden, but it is a necessity for all people to live. Every culture has different ways in celebrating wedding ceremony. For Malay culture, groom and bride wear wedding suit such as ‘Baju Melayu’ and ‘Baju Kebaya’ then both bride’s and groom’s family will gather in mosque. This ritual can be held at night or day. After that, the leader of the ceremony usually ‘Imam’ of the mosque will call upon the groom for the foremost step which calls ‘Akad Nikah’. The ‘Akad Nikah’ means they are ready to build a family and take their responsibility to the family. After the groom passes the step, he will go to the bride to wear the wedding ring. After that, they will change other wedding suit and the groom will come to the bride’s house with presents also known as ‘Hantaran’. They will sit side by side on a small stage. At this moment, relatives and friends will come forward to the stage to do ‘Tepung Tawar’ then they will get souvenir which call ‘Bunga Telur’. There is also a ‘Silat’ show but it depends on the family to do the show or not. After a while, the bride and groom will eat special dishes while all guests eat ‘Nasi Minyak’. Both families will invite groups of relatives and friends to celebrate the wedding ceremony. After all guests went home, the bride and groom will open the presents that they get from the guests. After the ceremony ends they will continue their life as husband and wife.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Academic Writting : Language Learning

In my opinion, I think the total physical response method is a good way to learn Arabic language. According to Jensen, there is a connection between memory and physical actions. In a TPR class, students have to be very active. They need to respond physically after they heard their teacher’s commands. Students learn the language by listening to commands, and then they have to respond physically by simply moving around the class and try to speak by using the language. They don’t have practise in reading, but they can practise to speak the language with their friends. This is the most suitable method especially for USIM students since Arabic is the second language. The goal is only to listen, respond and speak because everybody here is trying to speak Arabic well.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Academic Writting : Identity and Learning

My aunt was an important influence on me as a child. She was excited in trying anything new and adventure. She enjoyed outdoor activities very much like there were no tomorrow. She proffered to share her experiences with her nieces and nephews. There were lots of activities that she had done, for example, she went to Redang Island for diving and took pictures of sharks and other sea animals. In Bali, she enjoyed surfing and wakeboarding at the Bali beaches. In the Pahang National Park, she enjoy water-rafting. She never forgets to invite me to join her trip and I never miss to join her too. Now, we always share our experiences and enjoy the exciting outdoor activities together.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Characteristics of a rite: New born baby (Kekah)

One of the interesting rituals in Malaysia is 'Kekah'. This ritual is celebrated by Malays.I still remember when I was 10 years old (2000); my mother and my father went to a big cage in Hulu Langat, Selangor to buy a cow. A few days later, all my relatives from Pahang went to our house in Kuala Lumpur, I was very happy but I didn’t know why we gathered. The next day, my mother asked me to wear ‘Baju Kurung’, I saw all of my cousins wore traditional malay clothes. A few minutes later, I saw a group of people came to our house; they also wore traditional malay clothes. I went to the kitchen to ask my mother what happened. Why many people came to our house? She didn’t answer me but she told to sit next to her and kept quite. Then, all the men sit on the floor in the living room while the women helped my aunts to prepare the foods. After a few minutes, my father came in with a baby in his arm (that’s my brother), he put my brother on a small bed besides him. After that, the ‘Imam’ said “Let the ceremony begin,” the group started to read ‘tahlil’ and prays. Then, they stood up and continued reading ‘Marhaban’. Their voices were so loud. There were also no special music but there were ‘selawat’ where muslims praised their prophet. My father took my brother in his arm while my uncle held a tray. In the tray there was a half cut coconut which contained its juice and a scissor. My father went to the ‘Imam’, and then the ‘Imam’ cut my brother’s hair. He put the hair in the coconut shell, a man after him did the same things too and the activities continued until the last man. Finally, after they had finished cutting my brother’s hair, my father invited them to the tent to eat. I asked my father what was the menu. My father said it was a curry meat. Now I understand, that was the cow that my father bought a few days ago. My father said this ceremony was held to celebrate new born baby. Muslims would slaughter animals with four feet only in Islamic way as alms to other people, but the best way is to do it by held a feast.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Academic writing : Parenting, Gender & Stereotypes

When I was 10 years old, I learned a lesson about being kind to animals from my favourite activity, catching tadpoles and ladybirds. We caught tadpoles in the mud in the playground and we caught ladybirds on the hibiscus tree near the playground. We used jars, nets and spoon to catch them. My friends and I caught the tadpoles and ladybirds together. I was the one who had many jars, so I could kept all the tadpoles and ladybirds that we had caught. It was fun but after a month, unexpecting things happened. I kept the tadpoles and ladybirds as usual, then, my friends made a new deal that who caught the most tadpoles and ladybirds would kept them. When the competition held, we caught as much as we could without any mercy to the animals. Finally, I was the winner because I used my mother’s sieve, so I could caught many tadpoles and ladybirds. After that, I proudly went home with 8 jars in my bag. That night, I had a nightmare that there were many big tadpoles and ladybirds chased me and tried to eat me. I had the nightmare repeatedly in about 3 nights until I had a bad fever. The fourth day, I realized that I did not take the jars out of my bag. When I took the jars out, I saw there were no waters in the tadpoles’ jar and there were also no holes on the ladybirds’ jars. They were all dead.
Then, my father advised me that I could not torture animals like what I just did. After a while, my father and sister accompanied me to the playground. I buried all the animals near the see-saw. From the experience, I learned that if we did bad things to anything or anybody we would get the reciprocation back. So, we must be kind to animals, they are innocent.

The Sweet Memories of Being Taught About Something.

When I was 4 years old, I lived with my mom in Mentakab, Pahang while my father worked in Kuala Lumpur. He went home just about twice a month. However, if he was at home he taught me and my sister a lot of things. The most unforgettable moment was when he taught us how to cook fried rice. That was the first time I was that man can actually cooked. My father taught us how to chop onions, chilies and so on. I was excited because that was the first time I saw my father chopped the onions so fast! I tried to do it too but it became a mess. Then he lighted the fire on the stove and began to cook. He lighted another fire on the stove to cook eggs. He put the oil into both pans and let the oil heated. After that, he put all the chopped onions and chilies into the pan, and he put three eggs into another pan. I was impressed that he could cook two recipes in a time. Then, while waiting the fried rice to cook, my father taught us to wipe the table, make drinks and arrange the dishes. After finished that, we took the fried rice out from the pan into a big bowl. Then, we called our mom to eat breakfast together. That was the very unforgettable moment because we seldom ate together because my father was not at home. The next day, I woke up at 7:00 am because it was the school day. I went to my parent’s bedroom then I realized my father was not there. I began to cry, I knew my father was on his way to Kuala Lumpur to continue his worked.

However, now I don’t have to be sad anymore because we had moved to Kuala Lumpur. My mom was also transferred here. We continue our happy life together, but I miss all my cousin in Mentakab so much!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Academic Writing : Modern Advertising

The television commercial for SN Brussels Airlines is efficient and smart. At the beginning, you see a stewardess is rushing to the information counter. She ask the woman at the information counter about Mr. Smith. Then the woman says that Mr. Smith has just boarded. After a while, she calls the stewards and stewardesses to tell about Mr. Smith news. Next, the other stewards tell the news to the other staffs and they quickly rush to the airbase. Suddenly, the pilot sees all the stewards and stewardesses assemble on the airbase. The pilot makes an announcement to Mr. Smith that there is a message for him outside the window. Then Mr. Smith looks through the window and sees the stewards and the stewardesses are making a form of his name. After a while, they change the form to “It’s a boy”. Finally, Mr. Smith gets the message and he is happy that he gets a son.